Being a star is so much more than knowing how to act

You haven't acted before, but you want to! Do you know where to start?

You’ve been acting your whole life, in two seconds can you share what youve been in? While you have everyone's attention? 

You’ve starred in a few productions, can you show everyone? In two seconds? Do you have a link? Is it on your social media page? Is it digestible?

Learn from an Industry Professional

As a Casting Assistant who has worked for a casting office that has produced over 150 episodic, commercial and feature film projects; I wanted to bridge a noticeable gap. Many actors understand that they have to know how to act in order to book a role, but don't understand that being visible is equally as important. 

Without a website, social media or an actors resume, alot of talented actors fall throguh the cracks. The industry doesnt know how much experience you have. You have to tell them. You have to shout from the rooftops how talented you are, what you have worked on and what you want to do. 

I built a course specialized for beginner and intermediate actors to learn industry terms & discover how to best use online visibility to their advantage. 

My course "The Basics" is an overview of everything you need to know to get your feet wet. I cover:

-How to build a website, step by step

-How to find auditions

-How to make an actors access account

-How to make an actors resume

-How to have a professional online presence with social media and ImdB

-How to Self Tape for beginners

-How to take professional Headshots for beginners

-How to understand important industry terms: "sides", "guest star", "call time", etc.

My "The Basics" course will teach you everything you need to know about self promotion and being visible, and will give you a jumpstart on your acting career by making you as prepared as possible. 

Now all thats left for you to do, is act!

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