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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Before We Begin

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Industry Terms

    • Before you Submit

    • Invitation to Audition

    • In-Person Audition

    • After Being Cast

    • FAQ

  • 3


    • What is a Headshot?

    • How much of my body should you see in a headshot?

    • What is the best hairstyle for self tapes?

    • What clothes should I wear for a headshot?

    • How much makeup should I wear for a headshot?

    • What is a period headshot?

    • Should my headshots be edited?

    • How often should I get headshots?

    • Where are good locations for headshots?

    • Black Women : How should I wear my hair

    • Tips for Youth under 18

  • 4

    Acting Resume

    • What is an acting resume and why do i need one?

    • What should I put on my acting resume?

    • What is the correct format for an acting resume and what do you recommend?

    • What credit should I put?

    • How do i make an ImdB account? What is appropriate to put on it?

  • 5

    Actors Resume

    • What is Actors Access & Why Should I Get An Account?

    • How often should i update my account?

    • What will it help me do?